April and our GBM journey ❤️

Last week Stuart became suddenly unwell, initially we believed that he had suffered a seizure as he presented with a number of associated common symptoms, this included complete left sided paralysis.

We attended A&E at our local hospital and it is now thought that Stuart had experienced an increase of edema around his original tumor site. He underwent further CT scans and MRI, the results of which we will receive later this week when we meet with his oncologist at Weston Park.

I have spoken with his consultant and I remain hopeful that this is just a blip in Stuart’s ongoing battle with this brutal disease. He is due to start his next cycle of chemotherapy this week and remains upbeat and positive, fearlessly determined to fight for his life and continue with treatment, despite the difficulties and impact that this often induces.

In terms of our families commitment to ensuring Stuart receives the best possible treatment for his condition, we have contacted a hospital in Germany and have requested costing’s and treatment options that will give him the best chance of survival. I have been asked why this is necessary and why this treatment is not available on the NHS, the simple answer is down to cost and geographical location. Hospitals and doctors focus on treatments that are available in their hospital, as that is what they know the most about; they are trying to do the best for their patient. However nobody knows everything and some are more expert than others, they are usually working in the top teaching hospitals and this is where the majority of the clinical trails take place.

In my previous post I emphasised that my aim was to raise funds for treatment for Stuart, but also and equally importantly to raise awareness of this dreadful disease. With this in mind, I have been invited by the Brain Tumour Charity to attend the next All Party Parliamentary Group On Brain Tumours on the 1st May 2018 at Westminster, I will discuss the impact and inequalities faced by those with this disease and fight to make sure services are improved for all .

Finally as Stuart’s wife and strongest advocate, I remain convinced that he can survive his cancer, with the appropriate treatment, whilst maintaining a good quality of life, as such myself and our children continue with our fundraising activities. We love him unconditionally and ask for your continued support.

Many of you will be aware that Stuart would have retired at the end of May this year, with this in mind, we have organized ‘A wish For Stuart Parker Night ‘ at the Casa Hotel in Chesterfield, I hope that many of you can attend and wish Stuart well, whilst helping to raise vital funds for his treatment.

Stuart and I, continue to be deeply moved by the kindness of you, Stuart’s police family, and also the compassion of strangers who have donated or shared the events we have organized.

Thank you once again

Sam Parker


2 thoughts on “April and our GBM journey ❤️

  1. Thinking of you all as you face the scan / MRI results , & hoping the seizure and paralysis was a temporary blip .
    May you remain fearlessly determined to fight and feel the love & compassion from all who support you .
    My daughter Chloe Boulton ( finalist in the I Do Wedding Awards for South York’s / Humberside & East Midlands) will be singing for you at the event and possible my other daughter as well – Charlotte Andrews . Let’s see how much cash we can raise for Stuart & you all xoxo


  2. We have never met, Sam but look forward to seeing you at Stuart’s night.
    I know Stuart, both professionally & through training with him. Jude (Oldham) as she is known, started work with Stuart. Enough said, we will be there and introduce ourselves.
    Got your details via Pat Allen.
    Big hugs to Stuart, you & the family.


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